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Frequently Asked Questions

We are about 1 month out.

All you need to do is remove the cushions and bring them in.  If they are dirty, that is ok.  No need to clean them up.  We ask that you remove all metal parts, screws, latches, etc.  We won’t know where they go back on in relation to your boat.

Please don’t bring your boat here and ask for me to help you remove your cushions.  Some of your cushions take a long time to remove.  I don’t have time to do that.  Plus, you will need to know how to put your cushions back on!

No!  We don’t use cheap vinyl.  It is soft and thick. come see it for yourself!

We do a lot of sewing in bulk.  We keep patterns for all our boats we upholster.  Once we upholster a make/model of a boat, we keep and sew those patterns quickly.  Without a need to take time to specifically measure the same boat again.

Our vinyl is made overseas.  We visit the supplier regularly to insure the vinyl is of quality material.  We do NOT get ANY materials or vinyl from China!  We pride ourselves to not give any support or assistance to the Chinese Communist Party.

Besides taking on clients projects, we help existing upholsters taking jobs off their hands when they get overwhelmed.

We also are looking for representatives across North America to grow with us.  No upholstery experience required.  Computer skills are required.  Contact now if your interested in a new career!

During the lead time, you will keep your cushions on your boat and use your boat.  This is important during the summer when all upholsterers are 4 months behind.  You don’t want to take your boat out of storage and realize you can’t use it all summer because the upholster needs the cushions while he replaces the vinyl.

We only need the cushions when you first visit us.  Over a day or two we take measurements.  We take pictures and confirm with you the colors.  You take home the cushions and we get to work sewing!

In about a 1 month we call you and you again visit us with your cushions.  We spend 1-2 days replacing the vinyl.  Your without boat cushions for 5 days max.

You can have your cushions in any color as long as it blue!

Not really.  We only offer a small amount of colors.  Check them out here!  In order to keep our price down our supplier will keep a small supply of a limited number of colors in stock.

Yes, it is difficult.  I keep a small kitchen in the back stock with a lot of food.

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