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We don’t normally do anything else but boats as a lot of camper cushions don’t have wood backers to easily staple to.  But we were approached with a request for a camper that was originally fabric.  We got them a nice tan rustic look that was easier to clean for the kids.

It was a much needed up date of the old camper to a cleaner modern look without the high price tag.

the camper

Updating the airstream

The Battleship

"We're surprised it still floats!"

This is another project that came to use through a Facebook ad.  He had a pontoon that they called the Battleship.  It won’t die or sink!  But they are a bit embarrassed by the seating.  Rats are gotten in the foam and dug nests.

He was quoted $4,000 per couch!  Mind you, there three couches and three caption’s chairs on his pontoon.  It was either that or a new pontoon…

We replaced the vinyl and foam for the seating as well as the couches.

This project came to use through a Facebook ad.  He actually bought the boat because of us and anticipating that we would replace all his cushions before reaching out to us!  The engine doesn’t even work!  The previous owner never had a cover on it and the weather over the years took its toll.  This is the number one reason why people come to us.  No cover allows mother nature in your boat.  The biggest difficulty he had was trying to get the cushions off the side.  The manufacturer sure doesn’t make it easy to remove and replace the cushions.  I guess your suppose to buy a new boat from them.  We got him set up with new cushions but I think we have to get into carpet and covers now too…

Small boat

"Doesn't run. I just bought it so I can use your vinyl!"

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