West Michigan Marine Upholstery

While most upholstery shops are 3-4 months out and costing north of $7,000, Great Water Upholster strives to change the industry.  We are currently about 1.5 months out and our goal this summer is a 3 week turn around time.  Currently our costs are $2,000-$4,000 for a complete boat, small boats to pontoons.

In addition to our great price and quick turn around time, we don’t need your cushions while we sew up your new vinyl.  For the 1.5 months after your deposit of 50%, you can still use your cushions with your boat.  That means no summer down time!

When you bring your cushions in with the deposit, we will take 1-2 days to take pictures and do our measuring.  You can pick them up and use them.  Sometimes we have to peek back the vinyl a bit you double check underneath.  But the cushions are still usable.  After the 1.5 months of sewing and shipping, we call you back.  You bring in the cushions again and we will replace the old vinyl with the new.


When it comes to upholstery work, using the best materials is everything.  Our vinyl is soft and thick.  This makes for years of use and comfort.  You can have any brand vinyl you want as long as it is Majesta.  Tested for the harsh Australian sun, you be sure it will last a long time in North America.

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